Supernatual smuts that go with my quotev story - Chapter 3 - laurajac1 (2024)

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Tonight was a stressful night. Sam and Dean were arguing loudly in the other room arguing loudly while Nikki was trying to unwind for the evening. They had joint rooms where Nikki had a room to herself but could open a door to the boy's room. She was trying to watch tv but it was being drowned out by the Winchester shouting match. Sighing, she swung her feet over the side of her bed and pushed open the brother's door just as Dean slammed the door to their room.

“Where is he going?”Nikki asked, leaning on the door frame.

“Bar down the street probably.” Sam sighed, running a hand over his face.

She sighed, rolling her eyes.

“Because we both know how self-destructive he is with how little time he has left, you mind if I go keep an eye on him?” She asked and Sam shook his head.

“Good luck.”

She waved to him as she went back to her room to throw on a bra and shoes. As she left, she thought to which dive bars were close by and walked to the closest. When she saw the Impala in the parking lot, she knew she was at the right bar. Nikki walked in and took a seat at the bar as she looked around, trying to spot Dean.

“What are you doing here?” A voice from her right asked which caused her to look over to see an annoyed-looking Dean.
“You’re self-destructive and have months to live.”

“I don’t need no damn babysitter. Especially one who would be on Sam’s side.” Dean groaned.

“I don’t even know what y’all’s argument was about. I was just trying to unwind and watch Dark Angel reruns but I was rudely interrupted by y’all’s shouting match.” She let out a sigh and pushed her hair away from her face. “Look, who said I can’t keep an eye on you and go play darts?”


“And here’s your drinks.” The bartender, a young man who looked to be about their age, placed down a drink in front of both of them.

“Oh, I haven’t ordered yet.” Nikki said, pushing the drink towards the man.

“I figured the two of you were together and made two.”

“We’re no--”

“Thanks.” Nikki cut Dean off from correcting the man. He nodded and walked off.

“What are you doing?” Dean hissed.

“Free drink.” She shrugged, swirling the drink.

“I drink hard liquor and you don’t drink.” He pointed out and she shrugged.

“I just don’t like the cheap crap you buy.” She said, taking a sip.

Dean rolled his eyes and the two took a sip of their drink. Nikki looked up at Dean and felt something change as she looked at him. She no longer felt irritated at him for interrupting her evening, but she wanted to get to know him. Her hazel eyes traced Dean's face for a moment as his green eyes did the same to her.

"You know, you look really nice with your hair down." Dean complimented.

Nikki blushed and put a strand of hair behind her ear as she smiled, "Thanks."

"Why ya hiding those pretty eyes?" Dean asked and Nikki looked up at him with big doe eyes that made his heart flutter.

"Maybe because you're flirtin' and I dont take compliments well." She answered in a soft, almost shy, voice.

"Guess I just have to keep giving you compliments," Dean smirked.

This was a complete flip from the Nichole he knew. Even when they first met Nikki was not shy. She was talkative and bold, not meek and quiet. None of this mattered right now because it was almost like they were meeting at a bar for the very first time and neither knew how to act.

"Maybe you do." Nikki smiled. "Wanna play twenty questions?"

"Sure. You start."

"Uh,if you could get rid of any genre of music, which would it be?"

"Pop, you?"

"Country, ironically enough." She said and Dean laughed.

"Are you double jointed in any way?" Nikki thought about it for a moment before nodding.

"I can sit in a w shape."

"I think I've seen you do that."

"I do it when I sit on the floor. Would you ratherspend the day at a botanical garden or an art museum?" She asked and Dean looked confused.

"A what?"

"A fancy garden."

"I'd go anywhere with you."

The two continued to play twenty questions for a long time, sipping on their drinks. From this, they learned a lot about each other. Dean's favorite color is blue and Nikki's is green, he loves steak and hates sushi while Nikki enjoys sushi but prefers it cooked, they both share a love for the season fall, his favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys despite being from Kansas. Nikki also learned that Dean's middle name is Justin and he learned that her middle name isEleanor.

The two learned many other things about each other, but the small talk soon devolved into careless flirting. Dean started brushing back Nikki's hair, trying to hold her hand, and do anything he could to touch her. It didnt last long before he leaned forward and kissed her cheek.

"If I'm reading the room right, lets get out of here." Dean whispered into her ear, causing her to blush.


Dean tossed a few bills onto the counter before placing his hand on the small of her back to lead her out of the bar. Dean lead her to the car where they didnt even make it into the car yet before Dean backed her onto the hood of the car as they started making out.

"Lets go back to my room so we dont do it in the car." Nikki mumbled as Dean nipped at her neck.

"I'd really like to see those sexy tattoos."

"Better make it to the hotel quick then, hon." Nikki pressed a quick kiss to his lips.

They pulled apart, breathless, before Dean started the car. As he did so, Nikki lied down on the bench seat with her head on his lap as she stoked his leg. She looked up to see that his green eyes were dark with lust as he glanced down at her. She smirked before she unzipped his jeans and palmed his hardening penis. Dean let out a slight moan at the touch as she pulled his dick out of his jeans.

“Keep your eyes on the road and don’t kill us.” Nikki told him and Dean nodded.

She bent forward and kissed the head of his dick before running her tongue along the length of it. Seeing as she had only slept with Sam she had no idea what to expect with Dean. Deans dick was quite a bit bigger, in all ways, from Sam’s. She slowly took it into her mouth which caused Dean to grip the steering wheel so tight that his knuckles tired white. Nikki didn’t pay attention to that as she sucked Dean off. He took one hand off the wheel and ran it along Nikki’s back until he got to her ass where he gave it a squeeze while he moaned. Nikki moaned around his dick which caused him to squeeze again. Dean quickly drove to the hotel that they were staying at as he was ready to rip her clothes off.

After a few minutes of Dean swerving to stay in his lane, they made it back. He shoved himself back into his jeans before he led Nichole back to her room. Almost as soon as the door closed and the light turned on, Nichole and Dean were ripping each others clothes off as they wasted no time.

“We gotta stay at least a little quiet so we don’t wake Sammy.” Dean told Nichole between kisses.

“You’re the vocal one, not me.”

“I can change that.”

Dean picked her up which made her squeak before tossing her onto the bed where he took in her appearance. Her long dark hair was fanned out above her, the vine tattoo around her tit* was in full view along with the floral tattoo she had stretching her hip and thigh. He could also see the scars from hunting littering her body as well.

“God, you’re beautiful.” Dean sighed, running his hand along her floral hip.

“As are you.” Nikki smiled.

As he took in her appearance she took in his. The anti-possession tattoo on his firm chest had scars littering around it. His firm muscles as he looked bent over her and the soft, yet still teasing, smile on his face. Her thoughts of his body disappeared when Dean's lips made contact with hers again. Nikki’s hands tangled themselves into his ivy-league blond hair as Dean’s hands started to roam across her chest, tracing the tattoo. Nikki took notice at how the brothers seemed to share the sentiment that her chest and thigh tattoos drove them wild. Dean broke the kiss as he started to kiss the leaves that traced her tit* leaving her to let out breathy moans. Finally, he attached his lips to her nipple which caused Nichole’s breath to catch in her throat. Her hand found the back of Dean's head as he massaged her other tit. When he pulled away he saw the look of bliss in her face before switching. She gasped as Dean pulled at her nipple.

Dean was taken aback as Nikki pulled him away and flipped him over. She took a seat on his hips before bending down to kiss him. Dean's hands traced up her sides, gripping her hips as she ground hers into his. He moaned loudly as she kissed his neck.

"Gotta stay quiet so we dont wake your brother," Nikki told him, putting her hands flat against his chest.

Dean let out a softer moan as he grabbed her ass. She started to kiss down his chest again as she left hickies across his chest. Nikki ground her hips into his, feeling him thrust up into her and smiled as she kissed his chest. She kissed up his neck, biting his ear.

"You got a condom?" She asked, nipping at his ear. Dean nodded. "Use your words, hon."

"My bag in my room."

Nikki's eyes turned purple as she held out her hand, summoning a condom from Dean's bag. She slipped off his lap as she rolled the condom onto his penis. Dean watched as she sat down again only this time she held his dick to sit down on. The two moaned in unison as she slowly sat down. Dean held onto Nichole's hips to guide her movements.

His hands traced up and down her hips and thigh as he ran his hand along the tattoo. She rolled her hips into his as the two moved at a slow speed, enjoying every second they were together. They sped things up as Nikki started to run her hands along his chest. His hands squeezed her ass as he moaned loudly.

"Hon, you have to stay quiet so we dont wake your brother." Nikki said, mumbling against his lips.

"f*ck 'im." Dean groaned, biting her lip.

"Want me to invite him in then?" She asked.

Dean groaned as he pulled her in for a kiss. The two moaned into the kiss before she rolled off of him Dean pushed himself up. He guided her down onto her stomach where he ran his hand down her spine. He guided himself into her again as he grabbed her hips as he started to thrust into her. Nichole sat up and wrapped her arms up around his neck. Dean kissed her shoulder and up the side of her neck before using a hand to guide her face to his, kissing her. Dean felt Nichole twitch around him as she started getting close. He thrusted into her harder and faster before her walls clamped down on him, holding him steady as she came, hard. Dean filled his condom with a loud moan. He pulled out of her and she fell onto the bed as he tied the condom and threw it away before laying down beside her. The two were breathless as they came down from their highs.


When Dean woke up, he saw a mess of tangled brown hair and smirked to himself, thinking about how his night must have been since he couldnt remember anything. The woman rolled over to face him and his jaw dropped, shocking him into falling off the bed. The woman woke up to the loud noise, quickly coving herself with the blanket as she looked down to see Dean looking at her with a shocked look.



"What the hell happened last night?!" Dean demanded.

"Hell if I should know!" She answered before sighing. "Just get dressed."

The two quietly found their clothes that were scattered around the room.

"What do you remember?" Dean asked, not looking at her as he put on his boxers.

"The last thing I remember is the bartender giving us drinks. You?" She answered putting on her jeans and he nodded.

"About the same."

"What is with all the--Did you two sleep together?"

Dean and Nikki turned to see Sam standing in the doorway of their joint door. His eyes were wide at the sight of his brother standing in just his boxers with kiss marks on his neck and chest while Nikki looked about the same. She had her jeans and bra on with matching marks on her chest.



"What happened?" Sam asked with an amused smile.

"We dont know." Nikki sighed, putting on her shirt.

"What?" He asked, confused.

"We're just as confused, man."

Sam watched as the two finished getting dressed, not making eye contact with each other. Suddenly, Nikki grabbed a piece of paper and a pen as she started writing things down. The boys watched with confused looks as she paused before writing something down again.

"Everything alright?" Sam asked.

"I think the bartender was a witch."

"What do you mean? How can you tell?"

"I got really good at potions when I was younger and I could tell certain potions from taste. Just from the weird taste in my mouth, I think we were slipped a love potion." She explained, looking at the list of ingredients she wrote down. "I'm gonna have to flip through my book to make sure, though."

The boys looked confused but Nikki didnt have any time to explain as she sent the two out of her room so she could start looking for the potion. Dean closed the door behind himself as he and Sam walked into their room and Sam turned to look at him with his arms crossed over his chest and a playful smile on his face. Dean ignored him as he went to what was supposed to be his bed.

"If you're gonna ask me about sleeping with Nikki, I'm gonna punch you." Dean grumbled.

Sam quickly changed his body language as he sat down on his bed.

"What do you remember?" He asked instead.

Dean's eyebrows furrowed together in thought. Anytime he tried to think about the time between Nikki getting to the bar and waking up, his mind would go foggy. He could remember everything up until she got to the bar, but hardly anything after. He remembered the argument with Sam. He remembered Nikki joining him at the bar and arguing with her there. The last thing he remembers is telling Nikki that he drinks hard liquor and her telling him that she doesn't like the cheep whiskey and beer that he buys.


"I remember us arguing and going to the bar where I argued with Nick. After that, falling out of bed after seeing her in bed next to me."

Sam was perplexed by the situation, saying that he was going to check on Nikki to see what she thought was happening and to see if her story matched his brother's. When he walked in, he was shocked to see Nichole nose deep into a spell book. She looked like she was still on the hunch about there being a love potion spiked into her drink last night. She never turned around to see who walked in as she was too engrossed into her book.

"Nikki," She glanced up and nodded, showing the young Winchester that she knew he was in the room.

"Hey, Sam."

"Still think its a potion?"

"Yeah. All the ingredients line up. Though, I still wanna know how he managed to slip us something when he made the drinks right there."Nikki paused as something clicked in her mind. "Next to you is a purple, leather bound book. There should be a red sticky poking out of it. If you flip to that page there should be a memory spell. Can you check?"

Sam flipped through the book he was told to and saw a few different memory spells.

"Theres a few different ones." He stated.

"Uh, there should be one about viewing a memory. Is there?" She asked and Sam looked back down to see.

"Yeah. What are you gonna do with it?"

"I'm gonna see what happened last night." Nikki said, putting her book down to take the one from Sam so she could see everything that she would need for it.

Sam watched as she went to her bag and started to take things out to create a makeshift altar on the desk in the room. The door opened again to Dean, who was curious at to what was going on. He walked over to his brother and asked what was going on as the the two watched her pull things out of the bag that seemed to have a never ending bottom. Sam explained what was going on and the two watched in intrigue because they've never seen her perform a spell this complex. They've seen her do basic spells like healing, blasts, scrying, and astral projection, but this was more than just saying a few words and swiping her hand at an enemy.

"Boys, this is a complex spell that I haven't done in a while and I gotta find everythin', if yall wanna not bother me." Nikki told them, not looking away from her book as she dug through her bag.

They took the hint and left the room, leaving the door open to watch. Nikki put everything on her desk and started to arrange everything that was needed. She arranged red candles around a copper bowl that was suspended above one smaller candle in the middle. The last thing she needed was a drop of blood from someone whose memory she wanted to see, either herself or Dean. She called the boys in and despite the fact that they were watching from the other room, they were shocked to see the set up she had. She explained what was going to happen and asked if they should use her memories or Dean's. Ultimately, they agreed on hers so she pulled her knife out of her bag and held her hand above the bowl.

"Magnus oculus videam quid antea factum sit. quid acciderit videndum est."

She slid the blade of the knife across the palm of her hand and squeezed her hand into a fist, producing a few drops of blood. Once the crimson liquid touched the other ingredients, apuff of black smoke billowed from the bowl. The boys had wide eyes as they looked at the large cloud while Nikki wrapped her hand in a towel as she watched.

The memory started with her laying on her bed watching Dark Angel and getting irritated at the arguing. It followed her from that point until she got to the bar where she took a seat next to Dean where they argued. In the background, the bartender who was making their drinks pulled something out of his pocket and poured it into their drinks before handing it to them with a smile. They saw Nikki and Dean deny that they were a couple before she took a drink where her eyes swirled from hazel into a light pink before fading back to hazel. When Dean took a sip of his drink, his eyes went from green to pink to green again, just like Nikki's. The memory then went on to show the rest of the night, but before it got too far, Nikki blew out the candles which put out the smoke.

"He is a witch." Sam stated."What are we gonna do?"

"We should find out if he's the witch or if he's getting is potions from a supplier." Nikki answered.


"He may not be a witch."

"You're the one saying that he was a witch!" Dean shouted.

"Yeah, but he could be just some guy playing cupid so he may have a dealer. I have something that can answer this." Nikki told the boys, walking over to her bag.

She rummaged through her bag before pulling out a small ring box. Sam and Dean watched in confusion as she pulled out the box.

"What's that?" Sam asked.

"This is a pure iron ring that was somehow foraged in the ingredients of a witch killing spell and has the spell engraved on the inside."

"How can it be pure iron if it was foraged in--"

"Hell if I should know. All I know is that it hurts like a son of a bitch when I touch it." Nikki said, cutting Dean off.

"Iron doesnt hurt witches, it just makes them powerless." Sam told her and she nodded.

"But a witch killing spell hurts." Sam shrugged. "Try it."

Nikki tossed the box to Sam and he pulled out a dark ironring. He slid it onto his hand, admiring it as Nikki walked over, taking a seat on her bed. She told him to shake her hand and as soon as her skin came in contact with the cool metal, her hand started burning with pain. She grit her teeth in pain, trying to hold it for a few seconds only to let go shaking her hand in pain. Sam and Dean watched as she held her hand in pain shocked that this ring caused her this much pain. When Nikki held her hand out for the boys to see, they were not expecting to see a burn on her palm of her hand right where the ring had touched her.


"This ring hurts like hell when a witch touches it. If you can touch this guy with it, he's gonna recoil like I did if he's a witch and if he's not then it wont phase him." Nikki told the boys.

"So when are we gonna do this?" Dean asked.

"I would prefer not tonight. I'm exhausted and hungry." Nikki answered.

"You havent eaten? Its like four o'clock."

"I've kinda been doing magic and research all day and havent had time to eat." Nikki told the younger Winchester.

"Fine. Lets do it tomorrow." Dean sighed.

For the rest of the day, Nikki and Dean avoided each other as best they could, staying in their respective own rooms for the most part. Going out for dinner was the hardest part just because there was no getting away from the other. Sam enjoyed watching the two awkwardly interact with each other because to him, it was better than listening to the two of them argue about everything.Sure, there were a few little spats throughout the night, but they were minor because they didnt want to talk to each other.

That night, where everyone was settling down for the night, Nikki got onto a call with Jane as she had to vent to someone about her day that wasnt the two boys.

"So, what happened?" Jane asked over the phone.

"I was drugged by a love potion." Nikki sighed, pacing around her room.

"What? Really?"

"Yeah. Its a witch that drugged us."

"Whose us? You and Sam?" She asked, knowing that her cousin had been sleeping with the younger Winchester.

"No. His brother, Dean." Nichole clarified and Jane laughed.

"You two cant stand each other!" She exclaimed and Nikki nodded.

"I know." She sighed.

"Did you do the memory spell to see what happened?"

"Right after I figured out it was a potion."

"I cant believe that you've now slept with both of your partners." Jane laughed and Nikki groaned.

"I cant either."

"Whos better in bed?"

"I dont know because I dont remember sleeping with Dean. I just know it happened."

"You said you did the memory spell." Jane said, confused.

"I did, but Sam and Dean were standing next to me so I didnt watch all of it."

"Ohh. So you would have watched it all?"



Nikki sighed, running a hand through her hair.

"I do have a faint memory of last night."

"Do tell."

"I remember telling Dean to stay quiet so we didnt wake Sam up which is something I've told Sam a few times."

"So its a family trait that the Winchesters are loud in bed." Jane laughed causing Nikki to laugh.

"Ugh, I dont wanna think about that." Nikki laughed.

"Its gettin' late and I've gotta work in the morning." Jane sighed, looking at the time in her house.

"Alrighty. You get some sleep. Tell everyone I love them."

"Will do. Love you."

"Love you too."

The two hung up and Nikki took a seat on her bed, plugging her phone in to charge when she heard the door to her room rattle. She looked up to see Dean poking his head in.


"Why are you in my room?" Nikki asked, watching as Dean closed the door behind him.

"Because I was coming in to see if you were awake." He answered.

"You could have just checked by listenin' to see if I was still on the phone." She told him, pulling the hoodie she had on off so she could start getting ready for bed.

"I did and thats why I'm in here." Nikki rolled her eyes.

"Get to the point, Dean. I'm tired and want to go to sleep."

"You know how I only have a few months left? Well, instead of me sleeping around what if I slept with you?"

Nikki's eyes went wide as she tried to process what Dean just said. The thought of sleeping with Dean was strange enough, but thinking about how he only has four months to live, she decided that it may be best for him to stay close to Sam even if it meant doing something she didnt want to.

"You have to agree that if I say no at any time, you stop. There's no ifs ands or buts about it." Nikki told him and Dean's eyes went wide with shock.

"You're saying yes?"

"Only for Sam's sake."

Dean nodded.

"I understand."

Dean walked out of the room and Nikki went to bed.

The next day, everything went like normal. Nikki and Sam got up early and went for a morning run where they chatted about anything but the case. They mostly chatted about the book that they were buddy reading together, whichwasnt one of the books in the Supernatural series that Nikki liked, but something more tame. This was a historical fiction book called Weedflower byCynthia Kadohata that Sam brought to her attention and the two have been enraptured by the book's pages. Dean thought they were nerds when they would talk about the book, but the pair didnt care.

When the athletic pair came back from their run, Nikki went to her room to shower while Sam did the same, taking notice that his brother was awake and watching tv. They leave the building to have breakfast together before they all go back to their rooms and spend the day doing research. Sam stuck to Nikki's room because they worked well together and could easily bounce ideas off of each other. He also felt like she needed someone to co-exist with because normally she would dig her heels in about going for as long of a run as they did, especially after staying up for a few hours on the phone with her cousin, but she didnt and just ran alongside him.

"Sam," Nikki said, breaking the silence that had fallen over them.


"What do you have goin' on tonight?" She asked, looking up at him.

"We're gonna deal with that witch." He answered slowly. "Why?"

"Well, I had an idea about how to know if the guy is really there tonight and it involves you; and leaving Dean to deal with the witch by himself." Nikki told him.

"Thats gonna end with Dean putting a bullet in him."

"Witches are hard to kill. I should know. To get past the taser, I had to use a spell to make myself weaker so I could actually feel it." Sam's eyes went wide.

"Seriously?" She nodded.

"Its not fun. That spell also had an effect that I didnt know and that's the length of the spell."

"What do you mean?"

"I either got a word wrong or I'm just dumb and didnt read, but it lasts five years."

"Damn." He said and she nodded. "But what are you thinking about tonight?"

"Dean's my ex that I had a one night stand with and you and I are meeting up at the bar to see where our relationship is heading. We argue a bit and see if we get the magic drink." She explained and he thought about it.

"Its dumb, but it could work." He confirmed and she nodded.

"I didnt say it was a good plan." Sam chuckled.

"You know, its an odd way of saying you wanna sleep with me." Sam flirted and Nikki rolled her eyes.

"You're just irresistible."

That night, Sam and Nikki filled Dean in on the plan that they created as well as how they dont plan on killing the witch, just letting him know that he could get into serious trouble if he keeps this up. Dean didnt like the plan, but neither of them really cared. He was ready to kill the witch but understood that he wasnt doing anything really wrong, just irritating to some people and it could get them in trouble. Sam gave Dean the iron ring as they got ready, before he grabbed his gun and they left.

Nikki walked into the bar and looked around as she took a seat at the bar. She noticed the bartender from the other night mixing another patron's drink before he noticed her sitting there. He nodded to her before pouring the drink into a cup. He walked over with a cheery smile.

"You were here the other night with your boyfriend, right? How'd it go, 'cause it seemed a little rough at first before the two of you snuck out." The man asked and Nikki took a deep breath as she made a strained smile.

"Yeah, he was my ex."


"Yeah, that was weird waking up next to my ex. Especially when neither of us remembers that night." She lied and the bartender bought it.

"Wow. I'm sorry."

"Its fine. My boyfriend and I are supposed to meet up tonight to try to patch things up. So when he gets here, can we get twoMaple Bourbon Smash?" Nikki asked and the bartender nodded before walking off.

Nikki waited a few minutes before Sam walked in. He saw her and she nodded, silently telling him that the bartender was there and that they just had to put on a show for him. He took a seat next to her and they tried to look as awkward as they could to sell the story that she made up.

"So, how was work?" She asked, playing with her nails.

"It was good. What about you?"

"It was good. Brian and I got a new case so that's gonna keep me busy." She said and he nodded.

"Uh, yeah." They were quiet for a minute. "We should talk about it."

"I dont remember anythin' from that night, honestly. I remember being irritated that Jane canceled last minute and I didnt wanna leave so I came in to have a drink and play darts, knowing that you had to work late. When I saw Dean, I knew I should have just gone home, but I ended up getting a free drink because he an I were fighting. After that, I dont remember jack." She told him and Sam let out a sigh, trying to keep up with her story."I'm serious, Sam. If I could take it all back, I would. You know that."

"Nikki, I dont know. It all sounds strange.:

"I wouldn't be surprised to know he put something in my drink to make me sleep with him." She said and the bartender brought over two drinks.

"Oh, I didnt order."

"I ordered right before you got here and asked if he could bring it to us when you got here." She explained.

"Oh. What is it?"

"Amaple bourbon smash."

Sam sniffed it before taking a small sip of his drink. Nichole watched as his eyes shifted from their normal blue-hazel color to pink for a split second before fading back before she took a sip of her own drink. The energy in the room shifted as all they could focus on was each other. The two smiled at each other as Sam placed his hand over hers, lacing their fingers together, neither noticing that Dean had walked in and took at the other end of the bar where he could see the two getting cozy with each other.

"You know, you have the most beautiful golden flecks in your eyes." Sam told her and Nikki smiled.

"You have the sweetest dimples."

Sam leaned forward as he watched the dim light reflect in Nikki's eyes. She leaned forward as well, taking in a deep breath and catching the scent of Sam's cologne that he put on. He smelled like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, woody-sweet and creamy sandalwood which was warm and inviting to her.

"You never wear cologne." She commented.

"Do you like it?"

"I love it. Its so warm and inviting and just the right amount of spicy." Nikki told him, a soft smile playing on her lips, taking another sip of her drink.

"You look so beautiful with your hair pulled back like that." Nikki touched the braid that went back into a bun as she looked down with a smile. "God, I wanna kiss you."

"Then do it."

Sam cupped Nikki's cheek, tilting her head up to look at him before leaning down where he placed a soft kiss to her lips.Nikki placed her free hand on his shoulder as he pulled her in again, this time getting a little more steamy. The two continued to flirt at the bar before Nikki whispered into Sam's ear that they should get out of there before things got too heavy. She tossed a few bills on the bar before Sam took her hand and led her out to the Impala and went back to the hotel.

Sam pushed the door to Nikki's room and immediately turned on her when the door closed, pushing her against the door as he kissed her hard. His hands held her head in place before sliding down her body, gripping her thighs as she jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her over to the bed effortlessly as he pulled her hair down from the bun that it was in and tangled his fingers in her hair. Sam pulled her hair which pulled a moan from her lips as she pulled his shirt off. Sam pulled her shirt and bra off and let his fingers dig into her back before flipping over and kissing down her chest, kissing each leaf on her chest as he slid down to her jeans. He slowly unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them down her legs before kissing down her stomach. He kissed her inner thigh before looking over at her puss*.

"Damn, Nikki, you're so wet already and we haven't even started," Sam told her.

"Shut up and f*ck me."

"Such a filthy mouth."

"I can make yours filthy."

Sam smirked as he blew on her puss* before diving in with a kiss on her thigh before he dove in. Sam attached his lips to her cl*t and sucked hard which caused her to moan. He ran his tongue across her puss* and then plunged it inside of her. Nichole ran her hands through Sam's long hair, pushing him further into her as she started to grind on his face. She heard Sam pull his jeans off and she quickly summoned a condom from his bag. Nichole felt herself starting to get closer to finishing, but Sam pulled away before she could finish. She sat up with her chest heaving as she watched Sam pull his clothes off.

Sam climbed on top of the small witch, attaching his lips to the side of her neck as she ran her blunt nails down his back. He made his way back to her lips and smiled into the kiss as he let his hands roam around her body. Nikki gasped at the feeling of his rough, calloused, hands brushing against her nipples.

"You like my hands on your nipples, dont you?" Sam asked against her lips.

"I would prefer your lips." She answered and he smiled.

Sam slid down her body a little and took one of her nipples into his mouth watching as her breath got caught in her chest. His calloused hand took the other between his fingers as he massaged it. Sam dug the fingers of his free hand into Nikki's hip as he switched sides. He bit down softly on the sensitive nub which caused Nikki to let out a soft moan as one hand found it's way back to his hair. Nikki wrapped her leg around his as she managed to flip him over to his back.

"When'd you learn how to do that?" Sam asked, impressed.

"Martial arts as a teen."

"Its hot." He said, watching as she started to kiss around his hips.

Sam moaned at the feeling of her lips ghosting over the places he needed her most. She licked all around the base of his dick before kissing the sides of it. Sam vocalized how much he enjoyed the feeling of her lips before she moved to kissing the head. Sam's hand dug into Nichole's hair as he pushed her softly onto his dick, wanting more. He moaned loudly as she started to suck, taking in as much as she could. Nikki groaped at his balls which caused the younger man to moan even louder before she took one into her mouth. Sam gasped at the feeling as he gripped the sheets on the bed.

Nikki pulled away as she felt him getting closer to his climax. She kissed up his chest, leaving dark hickies in her wake. Sam sat up, pulling her up with him as she sat on his thigh before pulling her into a hard and passionate kiss. He bit at her lip and pulled before she sucked on his tongue. Nikki started to grind her hips into his thigh as they made out and Sam groaned as his hands dug into her hips.

"f*ck, Nikki." Sam sighed watching as she chased her own high.

She let out a soft moan as she dug her nails into Sam’s chest. Nikki felt herself get closer to her org*sm before Sam flipped her over to lay next to him.

“What was that for?” Nikki asked

”You just looked so hot that I wanted to help.” He said and she smiled. “Get on your hands and knees.”

Nikki did as she was told and let Sam take in her beauty once again. He slapped her ass, watching it jiggle, before rubbing his hand over it to calm the burn. He did it again to the other side before leaning down and kissing the spot.

"This take kiss my ass to a whole new level." Nikki smarted off and Sam slapped her ass again. "That was a good one. Oh bite me."

Sam smirked as he leaned over her back and bit her shoulder.

"It was a good one."

He kissed the spot that he bit as he rubbed his dick along her ass. Sam kissed along her neck as Nikki pushed her hips back into him. He ran his tongue down her spine which made her arch into his touch and he smiled. He reached down and pumped his dick a few times before he went to push into her, but she stopped him as a condom hovered in front of his face. He took it and ripped it open as he rolled it on. Sam grabbed her hips before pushing into her, moving slowly to let her adjust to his size. He pulled out just enough for his tip to be left in before plowing into her, ripping a moan from his lips.

"You're so loud, hon." Nikki said with a strained voice.

"This is all for you, Love." He moaned out.

Sam reached around, grabbing Nikki's chest feeling her tit* move with every thrust of his hips. She moaned at the feeling of his calloused fingers at her nipples again and Sam grabbed at one and pulled which caused her to groan. He did it again as he continued to pound into her. He slid his hands back down to her hips and dug his fingers in as he started to thrust even harder, his balls slapping against her. Nikki groaned in pain as Sam's fingers pushed into her hips as she knew she was going to have bruises in the morning. Nikki's arms gave out on her causing her to faceplant onto the bed. Sam pulled her ass towards him roughly as he continued, his thrusts getting rougher. Nikki pushed herself up and wrapped her arm around Sam's neck to bring him in for a kiss. As the two kissed, Sam reached down to her sensitive nub which caused her to moan into the kiss. Nikki felt her high coming closer and closer as Sam pounded into her even rougher, his high getting closer.

"I'm close, hon." Nikki moaned into his lips.

"Me too." He rasped.

"Cum in me. Fill the condom inside me."

Nikki pushed her hips into his, matching his thrusts, which became sloppier with every thrust. Sam's moans became louder as Nikki started to squeeze his dick with her walls as she came which caused his hips to sputter as his dick spasmed with an org*smic high as he filled his condom. He let go of Nichole as she slid off his dick and onto the bed, exhausted. Her chest was heaving as she watched Sam take the condom off to tie. He went into the bathroom to throw it away and came back with a wet towel to clean her off. Nikki's eyes lulled as she started to succumb to the exhaustion. Sam threw the towel toward the bathroom before he curled up with the witch, pulling the blanket up with him.


Dean watched as Nikki flirted with his little brother. They looked so natural, like they were supposed to be like that. He knew that the two were close friends and liked to play flirt with each other, typically acting as a couple during cases, but watching them like this made him think that maybe they weren't playing around. From where he was sitting, he could also tell that Nikki wasnt the best at flirting but it seemed to be working on his brother. Sam adored everything that Nikki said to him, brushing her cheek softly. The older Winchester watched as Sam took Nikki by the hand and led her out of the bar with a humored smile.

The bartender walked up to Dean and leaned against the bar, glancing over to see Nikki and Sam.

"She's your ex, right?" The man asked.

"Huh? Oh, yeah." Dean held out his fist for a fist bump and the man met his fist, recoiling quicky as he grabbed his hand.

"I think your ring shocked me." He said and it clicked in Dean's mind.

"Actually, it didnt shock you; it burned you." He told the bartender.


"This ring is made from a witch killing spell and iron." The man's eyes went wide.

"You're gonna kill me!?" The man asked loudly, drawing attention from the patrons around them.

"Wha-? No!"

"I thought you were a hunter."

"I am. That woman that just left with that guy is a witch and all three of us are hunters. She said that you're just some witch playing cupid and we need to give you a stern talking to."

The man looked at him confusedly and Dean let out a light sigh.


"Dont ask. Look, the point is: be careful with that power. You dont know what kind of couple you may be hooking up. The three of us are friends so its fine for us, but there are some creeps that could hurt people."

"So... you're not gonna kill me?" The bartender asked and Dean shook his head.

"Just be careful and stop giving people love potions." Dean told him and he nodded.

Dean spent the rest of his evening at the bar, not wanting to hear his brother having sex in the room next to him while he tried to sleep.

The next morning, Nikki woke up to Sam's sleeping face. He was on his side with hair hanging in his face that she pushed out of his face. He woke up and smiled.

"Good morning." He smiled.

"Mornin'." She smiled back.

"I dont know anything about what happened last night other than I had fun."

"Same. Its better knowing that I can wake up to someone who wont scream when he sees me." She flirted, placing a hand on his side.

Sam smiled softly at her before kissing her softly. She smiled into the kiss, feeling Sam's large hand on her ribs. He rolled onto his back and she slid onto his hips. Sam's hands slid up her back as she wrapped her arms around his neck. The two passionately made out only stopping when they heard the door start to rattle. Nikki slid off of Sam and the two pretended to be asleep as Dean opened the door. He poked his head in to see clothes scattered around the room as well as his brother and his friend asleep in bed with her laying on his chest. He closed the door, shocked to see that he was the first one awake. Nikki picked her head up and looked at Sam. They made eye contact and started laughing.

"Moment ruined." Nikki laughed.


Sam got up and started to get dressed while Nikki grabbed a set of fresh clothes and went to her bathroom to have a shower. When she looked in the mirror, Nikki saw hickies along her chest tattoo and bruises on her hips. Sam was always rough in bed so seeing all the bruises on her hips was not surprising.

As she showered, Sam went into his room where he started to get his things together for his shower only for his brother to look up from the tv with a co*cky grin.

"So, how was last night?" Dean asked.

"No idea." Sam answered, grabbing a set of clean clothes.

"Well, it looks like you had a good night." Dean smirked, pointing to the kiss marks on his chest. "It seems like Nikki likes to leave marks."

"Seems like it."

Sam took his things into the bathroom and a few minutes later, Nikki walked into the room brushing her hair out. She took a seat at the table and glanced over at Dean who was sitting on his bed.

"How'd it go with the witch?" She asked.

"He agreed to be careful with his potions. He thought I was gonna kill him."

"Well, some guy comes up to you and vaguely threatens you, I'd be scared too." She said and he rolled his eyes.

When Sam came out of the bathroom, the trio of hunters spent the rest of the day hanging out and watching tv, researching new cases, and pestering each other.

That night, Nikki packed a small bag full of ingredients for a spell before sneaking into the boy's room to take Dean's keys. Sam rolled over, catching Nichole's attention. He flipped over onto his back and she snuck out of the room and ran towards the car. She drove out to a rocky road where she set up a black board where she drew a chalk outline of a triangle enclosed by a circle and placed three black candles on the tip of the triangle in the sigil. She placed a bowl in the middle where she used various dried herbs,preserved fruits, and other ingredients. Once they were properly mixed, she set them aflame.


Nikki looked up to see a manof average height, slightly round with dark hair and light skin wearing an expensive, black, dry-cleaned suit. His eyes were a dark red before they changed to a green color as he wiped dirt from his suit.

"Its been a while."

"It has." The red eyed demon started to walk towards her only to realize that she had drawn a devil's trap on the ground. "Is this really necessary?"

"I may be able to summon you directly, but I still dont trust you." She told him as she stood up.

"Then why have you summoned me?" The demon asked.

"Two things. One, I need information and if you can't get that, recon. Two, I wanna know who holds a contract." She answered and he raised a brow at her.

"And what do I get in return?"

"Well, I now have partners and theyreallydont like crossroad demons. By helping me, I dont tell them about how to summon you so they can kill you." She told him, crossing her arms and the demon glared at her.

"And who do you want information on?" He asked.

"A lowly demon named Ruby. I dont know much about her other than she's been hangin' aroun' us and even fixed the Colt." She explained and he nodded.

"What does her vessel look like?"

"She's blonde, about my height, and a few piercings on one ear."

"I'll look into it. What contract do you want to know?"

"Who holds Dean Winchester's contract?" The demon shifted. "You know who holds it, dont you?"

"I have it written down. I'd have to check." She glared at him, clinching her fist.

"Tell me who holds it, you red-eyed bitch."

"I'm not going to tell you right now. For now, I'll look into who this Ruby is, but you know I'm gonna want something from you?" Nikki rolled her eyes.

"And what do you want?"

"Protection from those boys your working with. They could summon me when making a deal."

"I can try. I can't say that they wont be faster than me."

Nikki then released the demon before she went back to the room, knowing that the demon would call her cell phone with any information.

Supernatual smuts that go with my quotev story - Chapter 3 - laurajac1 (2024)


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